Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Don't Need a Thousand Words, But a Thousand Maids Might Be Nice

In less than 17 hours, my mother will be in town to spend a few days with us.

This is great news. My mom and I get along great. Her grandchildren look forward to her visits. My husband doesn't even know any mother-in-law jokes.

There's just one problem.

Here is what our* kitchen looks like:

(This is not actually my kitchen, nor are any of these photos actually my house.

These images are from other people's blogs, courtesy of Google. They make me realize that posting photos of one's own domestic sloth is perhaps unwise. Certain children members of my family will kill me if they someday see a group gathered around pointing at a laptop and it turns out to be our house. But trust me, people -- ours is really this bad.)

Our living room looks (almost) like this:

(The only difference? We don't have a pile of bones like this person has stacked neatly in the lower left corner. Other than that, spittin' image.)

Our guest bath? Except for the black countertop, just like this.

The room where Mom's supposed to sleep? Other than the guitar, remarkably like this:

And me? Well, right now I look EXACTLY like this:


Jenni said...

Oh, I feel your pain!

I just keep telling myself, 18 more years, than I'll have a clean house again...

MommyTime said...

Well, the good news is that if your living room REALLY looks like that, all you have to do is turn over the empty-box card-table, shove all the loose stuff into it, and throw it away. Then go get a new box for the middle of the room from the nearest appliance store, and VOILA! All clean.

They might even give you one or two extras to use for the other rooms. :)

Good luck. I know how stressful cleaning for family company can be.