Friday, February 29, 2008

Head Cold Haiku

Will someone please tell my cold that by now I should be getting better, not worse? Six days into this, I suddenly ache so much it's hard to type, and I can barely talk. I would swear I have the flu, only this didn't come on like flu, and I don't have fever. Do you think it will embarrass Ben if I drive carpool this afternoon in my pajamas?

In my compromised state, I'm not feeling particularly creative, but I did pen this little piece for Haiku Friday.

Haiku Friday

I doubt a high school English teacher would like it, but at least it's topical.

Chicken soup almost gone,
I still can’t breathe through my nose.
Colds suck donkey balls.


jennifer h said...

I'd say that's the first haiku I've ever read that specifically mentions donkey balls.

Perhaps there were others, but the anatomy was disguised in code words.

This is better.

Scylla said...


That was the funniest 'ku of the day! I am sorry you are sick, but thank you for sharing such a humorous poem.

I hope you feel better soon!

jennifer said...

"colds suck donkey balls" Now THAT is Pulitzer worthy!

Jenni said...

HA HA HA! Thanks for the laugh!

Happy Haiku Friday!

Janie said...

Lordy, Lordy...that's funny!