Monday, May 12, 2008

Sheesh ... Nobody's Good at Everything!

I know obituaries aren't typically the stuff of yuk-yuks, but I read our local ones religiously, and occasionally they're laugh-out-loud funny.

Take the one I read yesterday, which is going in that 10-pound box of Things I'm Going to Write Short Stories About Some Day Unless Someone Else Beats Me to It. The photo showed a glamour shot of a bouffant-blonde woman in her mid-60s wearing big glitzy earrings and long gloves that I'm guessing were red. (I'm not linking to the photo or the obituary because it just seems like a real easy way to get in big trouble.) The obit was written by the deceased's twin sister, who hadn't managed to announce her sister's death in the three months since it happened but did manage to use the words "I," "me" and "my" 14 times when she finally got around to it.

There were several digs at the dead woman in this piece, but here was my favorite.

"My sister lived life to the fullest of her capacity. She did not marry well."

Methinks someone still resents the unauthorized borrowing of a poodle skirt in 1956.


Sarah said...

LMAO!!!! That's a classic!!!

HRH said...

Holy moly. Keep that lady away from my obit someday. That takes serious fortitude to make your sister's obit about yourself.