Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Not to Lose a Car

It's Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer, and have I got a tip for you. I have so little good advice that I can't participate every Wednesday, or else I'd exhaust my supply. But I'm so excited about this one that I couldn't wait any longer.

I am a Momnesiac. Once upon a time, I had a fabulous memory -- at least that's the way I remember it. But then my children were born, and my to-do lists got much longer, and my attention got pulled 32,019 different ways, and the next thing I knew every last gigabyte in my personal hard drive was full. My files began to be corrupted, and I couldn't remember whatshisname's name or what happened in the movie I saw last weekend or whether it was All the King's Men or All the President's Men I had read back in high school.

Or where I'd parked my car.

This last one was particularly vexing. I've come to depend on my car quite a lot, actually -- not as much as my lungs, perhaps, but way more than my vacuum. Leaving a store and spending the next 18 minutes traipsing back in forth through a parking lot pushing the panic button on my key chain was starting to really get me down.

And then one day I pulled into the parking lot at our brand-new Publix. Because I'm a poor planner, I go to the grocery several times each week. Every single one of those times I park. And on that auspicious day, a thought came to me: What If I Always Parked on the Same Row?

What a beautifully simple idea! I know now that no matter what -- summer, winter, rain, shine, just-a-gallon-of-milk or Thanksgiving-dinner-for-12 -- my car will be parked at the back end of the center row in Publix's parking lot. I don't even have to think about it, and as if it were on auto-pilot, my cart and I find my car instantly.

If I insisted on parking right next to the building, this plan might not work. But I don't. I'd much rather settle for a distant spot on the same row each visit than an up-close one on any random row. Besides, it's exercise.

If you've spent more time than you care to admit wandering around looking for a lost car, try this idea. It Works for Me!


Sarah said...

Ok, "Momnesia" cracks me up! That's priceless!
And what a simple, brilliant idea! I always try to park next to a cart return so I don't have to juggle children and carts and keys, but it would be even better to stay on one aisle and *never doubt myself*! What does that feel like???? Gonna have to try it! Thanks!

Beautiful Stranger said...

Great idea!! I never thought of this... super way to steal a little bit of extra exercise too!!

Check out my tip at:

Heart of Wisdom said...

Okay, you had me laughing out loud. I have done the same thing and I actually have come to park in the same place when I go to Krogers. My problem is sometimes I come out...looking for my the same row...and it isn't there. Where did it go? My plan has failed.....Oh, then I remember I drove the other
Oh well, it was a good plan.

Girl Fisher said...

Great idea! I try to do this at my work parking garage, but never thought to apply it to other lots! Thanks for the inspiration!

Cristy said...

saw your comment on Shannon's blog.

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Cristy said...

Saw your comment on Shannon's blog.

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Betsy Bird said...

Thanks, Cristy!

Jenni said...


My local store has a pregnant/new mom parking spot. Since I'm perpetually pregnant, I usually do keep the same spot!

Katherine said...

I used the same idea in college. I didn't have "momnesia" back then of course, but it was often a week between when I parked my car in the stadium lot and when I retrieved it again - PLENTY long enough to forget where I parked. I would go out as many rows as needed to get one of the first 5 spots. Of course, sometimes this meant I was the lone car in the wilderness the next week - made my car easy to find then!

Mr Lady said...

Guess who's stealing THAT idea?