Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The One Thing Ann Coulter and I Have in Common

So we're sitting at dinner tonight, chatting, which as you all know now is our favorite family activity. (Read about it here.) It's been a long day, and I've felt every one of my 48 years. Billy mentions that a girl he knows wants to go to Cornell.

Ben: That's where Ruth Bader Ginsburg went. (Ben is Ruth Bader Ginsburg's number one fan. He may be only 14, but he loves her with a bright white light. He is unquestionably the only boy at Fox Valley Junior High with a shirt that says "I Heart Ruth Bader Ginsburg."

Me (sarcastically): I'm sure that's why Billy's friend wants to go there.

Ben: Ann Coulter went there, too.

Billy: Ann Coulter is hot.

Ben: No she's not. She's too conservative to be hot. I think she's a man, anyway.

Billy: I don't care if she's conservative. She's hot.

Ben: She can't be hot, Billy. She's like 48 or something. You can't be hot if you're 48.

A perfect end to a perfect day.


Mr Lady said...

Ouch. Maybe it's time you "accidentally" dropped some super hot peppers in the meatloaf. :)

All Adither said...

Ann Coulter is just...awful. She's too mean and crabby to be hot. No matter what she looks like.

Jenni said...

Mine are still so little that they think I am "bootiful", but I know it's coming...

jennifer h said...

Well, Ann Coulter isn't, wasn't, and won't be hot at any age.

But, ouch.

Janie said...

Well. Are they too old to be grounded...until they're forty-eight? heh.

betsy bird said...

Grounding them until age 48 is an excellent idea. We'll save loads on college tuition, and I will always know where they are at night.