Sunday, March 23, 2008

Team Sofa

Happy Easter everyone!

Having worn myself to a frazzle fixing brunch, I am now parked on my back on the sofa, my laptop propped on my knees. This is where I plan to spend much of the rest of the day. (My contract only calls for me to cook these people one big meal per holiday. Tonight it's quite literally every man for himself.)

So it's the teensiest bit ironic that I've got the NCAA basketball tournament on the television, just like I have all weekend.

I am as unathletic as a person can be. I'm not just talking picked last for teams. I'm talking a fear of the ball so powerful that when I was asked by a partner at my old law firm to fill in on the firm softball team, I burst into tears.

Which is why it seems a bit odd that the four days during which the 64 are cut to the sweet 16 are some of my favorite days of the year.

It's not just the games. Shoot, I couldn't spot a pick and roll if it bit me on the leg. It's the upsets and the hype and the Cinderellas and the stupid fun facts about players ("Verne, he told me he really admires his dad."). It's that squeak that basketball shoes make on a gym floor.

And this year, more than I ever remember, it's the commercials.

One in particular has me mesmerized. Apparently it's for something called Nike Sparqs. (The fact that I can't tell you for sure what's being advertised suggests that maybe Nike could spend its advertising dollars more effectively.)

If you haven't seen it, this commercial shows all these muscular, athletic men and women doing muscular, athletic things, like running with parachutes attached to their backs and catching hails of tennis balls. The pictures are interspersed with screens that say "my agility is better," "my power is better," and my "quick is better." Editor that I am, I don't think that technically one's quick can get better, but it sure as hell sounds cool.

I find this very inspirational. In fact, as I lie here typing, I feel like a jock. I'm thinking about actually going for a walk later, maybe, if I feel like it.

Or maybe not. I wouldn't want to miss an upset they'll be talking about for years to come.

My lazy is better.


All Adither said...

Oh, sports. I wish I liked them.

Betsy Bird said...

College basketball and women's figure skating -- that's it for me. My boys' soccer games were a miserable experience for me.

Anonymous said...

That is one thing I miss about not having a television. I did love March Madness.