Friday, April 4, 2008

My Blog Ate My Homework

I come to you this evening an extremely unhappy camper.

And the night had begun so auspiciously.

The kids were out, you see, and there was leftover pizza, and Bob and I had settled in for a night in front of the TV to finish the DVD of the first season of Friday Night Lights. A perfect, labor-free evening. All I had to do was finish a little post during the commercials.

And I did it. It was reasonably good. I copied and pasted it into Blogger.

Except the thing I pasted wasn't my post.

It was a very interesting thread about "match" schools that I'd copied last night from College Confidential -- I mean, very interesting if you're the mother of a high school junior. If you're anyone else, not so much.

I looked in my Blogger drafts. I looked in my Word directory. I pasted and repasted. Lots of College Confidential. None of my post about Ben explaining the finer points of students' constitutional rights to me while eating Fun Dip, which meant his teeth and face were bright blue. (Maybe you had to have been there. Which of course you never will be.)

Now it's nearly 9, and we're in the final episode of Friday Night Lights. They're driving to the state football championship game, and Coach Taylor's wife is about to tell him she's pregnant, and he's about to tell the boosters he's leaving Dillon for TMU. I really just don't have the stuff to write an entirely new post from scratch tonight.

So tune in tomorrow. If I'm lucky, sometime tonight I'll wake up and my post will be lying next to me in bed.

Or maybe it will just show up on College Confidential.

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